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A genetically bred Nazi super soldier fights Allied troops.
As WWII is winding down, the Nazi's have developed the uber weapon, a super soldier, a blueish pink version of the Incredible Hulk. A team of Allied soldiers, including a snooty Frenchman, "Brooklyn" (with the heaviest of fake accents) among others is sent behind enemy lines to destroy this secret Nazi weapon.
Talking about a random movie. This movie throws in all kind of ingredients in the hope that it will blend in well with each other and work out as a decent and entertainment movie. But well, were to begin…everything about this movie is just very poor.<br/><br/>The concept itself of course sounds quite fun and good enough to make at least an entertaining movie with. I mean the entire concept and movie its title alone was basically the only reason why I ever decided to watch this movie. But this movie is just a waste of a potentially fine idea.<br/><br/>Thing with the movie is that it&#39;s just a complete mess to watch. Everything that happens in this movie seems to happen very randomly. The action is purely in it for the action and rarely ever serves a purpose for this movie. The monster is put in it just to have a monster in the movie it seems. It just isn&#39;t very interesting or original all.<br/><br/>The movie is filled with stereotypes and clich├ęs, which best can be seen back in its characters. The actors are given some horrible material and dialog to work with, which also all makes them seem bad, even though the movie does have seem decent actors in it.<br/><br/>The movie is made with the best intentions though and judging by this movie the film-makers much have really thought they were making a good and entertaining movie. The cut of it however is far too messy to ever form one complete compelling whole. It&#39;s not entirely clear if the movie was deliberately trying too bad and ridicules at times or if the movie was really trying to be a seriously made one.<br/><br/>Also big part of the reason why the movie doesn&#39;t work out are it&#39;s bad looking effects. An average computer game has better looking effects and it&#39;s definitely part of the reason why this movie is often being bad and utterly ridicules to watch.<br/><br/>Bleh!<br/><br/>3/10<br/><br/>http://bobafett1138.blogspot.com/
There is a certain expectation that you must have when confronting a Sci-Fi channel movie, let alone one named &#39;SS Doomtrooper&#39;. You know that there is probably a fairly bad plot accompanied by low cost special effects. That is what this movie provides. It&#39;s ridiculous, but the movie is called &#39;SS Doomtrooper&#39; and what could you expect from that. In order to receive any positive rating, it would truly have to be exceptional. This movie is not, yet it is certainly not the worst. It&#39;s no worse than &#39;Sharknado&#39; or &#39;Sharktopus&#39;. To be honest, I think it&#39;s probably better than many big budget films, such as &#39;Olympus has Fallen&#39;, which could have created a plethora comparable mediocre Sci-Films for the millions spent on its production.<br/><br/>SS Doomtrooper isn&#39;t something I can recommend, but if you have watched many films on the sci-fi channel and you feel you could sit through one called SS Doomtrooper, then I don&#39;t see why you couldn&#39;t watch this movie. As the other reviewers have said, the accents are bewilderingly bad (English, American, German, French - all bad), the plot is crazy and the special effects are confusing, but I don&#39;t think the film is outside the realm of other films of the Sci-Fi channel.

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