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This is a tragic and suspense movie…the main character Richard Wells Jr., played by Christian Alcala adopted by mother Michelle Wells, played by Michelle Harleston and father Richard Wells Sr. played by Herman Albright witnesses murder committed by his father. After this tragic event occurs his mother dies of a heart attack and he is sent to a children's home. Before he gets to this home everyone already knows about his Dad's reputation and labels him as a crazy person, a case of mistaken identity! The president of the home (Ms. Wellington) waits for him to arrive, seeking revenge from the murder that his father committed. The guy that was murdered was Ms. Davenport's brother! She couldn't get revenge from his dad so, she wanted to take it out on Richard Jr. After this he tries to deal with his own complicated emotions while trying to deal with his relationship with Angela. Meanwhile the police chief, Chief Flemmings, played by Jesse Bush struggles to search and find the reasons why he's chasing him LAME
PLOT SPOILER REVIEW<br/><br/>This is apparently based on a book by the title &quot;The Awakening of a Troubled Mind.&quot; In fact that was the original title of the film as it shows up at the beginning. They changed the title but didn&#39;t bother to edit it correctly. Richard Wells (Ronrico Albright) goes to jail over shooting his neighbor because his dog relieves himself on his lawn. After that mom DIES from a heart attack (A. Michelle Harleston). Richard Wells (Christian Alcala) the adopted Filipino son, goes to a BOYS HOME that also has females in it. It is run by an over the top woman, who Richard eventually kills with a mild stabbing to the abdomen. On the run, it ends up killing two more people with his fists, who started it first, and makes love to Angela because he is so &quot;fine looking&quot; a remark too often made in the film.<br/><br/>After he kills his third person, the film awkwardly has a scene inserted (poor editing) that takes place after he is captured, a couple years ahead. He eventually makes it to New Jersey, the part that has Tennessee plates, where he is caught and sent back only to escape again! But wait! There&#39;s more! His mother really isn&#39;t dead. Well she did die for a few minutes, but no one bothered to tell the family she recovered. Richard, while being wanted, visits his dad in prison, the prison where no one checks your ID at the door.<br/><br/>At the end he gives his hand written autobiography to a publisher ( Robert L. Parker III, director, writer, producer, casting director, music) who reads one line and hands Richard a check.<br/><br/>The story as told on screen was impossible. The sound was horrible. It appeared they used a stationary microphone and the further away a person was the lower their voice. many times the music or background noise drummed out the conversation. The scene where Richard visits his dad in prison was horrible as dad was behind a pane of glass which muffled his voice as well as the piano music covering it up. The acting left something to be desired.<br/><br/>It may have been an interesting book, but the film adaptation was an amateur joke.<br/><br/>Guide: F-bomb, sex. No nudity.

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